Magic: Trust. Know. Believe.

I’m a content creator for the The Good Quote. My blog titled, “Magic: Trust. Know. Believe” was written for The Good Quote and published on October 18, 2017.

A couple of years ago, I spent an afternoon playing with my then five-year-old niece. We were in a land of make believe: dragons, unicorns, and sword fighting. As children do, she had (and still has) a wild imagination and a love of unicorns. That day, I remember her saying, “No Auntie, pretend.” Oh how we lose our creativity, our playfulness, our imagination and a belief in magic as we get older. Much of our focus is usually work, bills, kids and stress. And when things do not happen fast enough, we become even more frustrated. Read More

The Power of Faith

I’m a content creator for the The Good Quote. My blog titled, “The Power of Faith” was written for The Good Quote and published on October 1, 2017.

The Power of Faith
With faith and unwavering belief, nothing’s impossible

I have always held the belief that all my needs in life would be taken care of. I believed my parents, who have both passed, would never have let me become homeless or starve. I believed, even in my younger years when things were tight, scraping change together for a meal, I would never starve. Read More

Get Uncomfortable

I’m a content creator for the The Good Quote. My blog titled, “Get Uncomfortable” was written for The Good Quote and published on October 1, 2017.

Get Uncomfortable, How resisting change stunts our growth

Someone once told me, “Get uncomfortable, have a good life.” I know; it seems counterintuitive.

The belief is, the more we are comfortable with being uncomfortable, the more we flow with life and the more we flow with life, the easier our lives become.

We’re living in a period of uncertainty. Economic uncertainty. Political uncertainty. Uncertainty in our relationships. Uncertainty can stir up a lot of fear and fear at its core is being afraid of change. I find most people are resistant to change. Read More

Breaking Free

I’m a content creator for the The Good Quote. My blog titled, “Breaking Free” was written for The Good Quote and published on September 23, 2017.

Limiting Beliefs, Breaking Free and Living Life to the Fullest

The discussion of limiting beliefs seems to be a hot topic these days. Everything I have read suggests we already know what our liming beliefs are. It’s easy for most of us to say we have a fear of rejection or a fear of failure, or we will never lose weight or men only like skinny women. Limiting beliefs, such as these and more, can paralyze us and keep us from living a life true to ourselves. Read More

The Healer Within

I’m a content creator for the The Good Quote. My blog titled, “The Healer Within” was written for The Good Quote and published on September 23, 2017.

The Healer Within
Learn to heal yourself with alternate healing methods

We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. If you’re seeking a natural option or alternative to Western medicine, devote time to learning a variety of healing modalities. There are many types of healing modalities from acupuncture and acupressure to chakra and healing touch, to shamanic healing and Reiki. Not all healing modalities will be for you, however. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

With each healing modality, there are practitioners who specialize in specific forms of alternative or energy healing. Every healer is unique, bringing their individualized gifts to the world. Read More

Keep Exploring

Like a worn path
Veer off the beaten path, it’s time
For something new
A different coffee shop will do
The old is past
Embrace what the future holds
You’re in the new

Take a different route to work, try a new Starbucks, Read More

Be brave. Be courageous.

Your beliefs will keep you trapped in a vicious cycle of imprisonment. Leave you feeling there is no way out, searching, side-to-side, and all around, with no end or exit in sight.

It feels others keep you trapped but that’s not true. It is ourselves. Break free. Read More

Today I Set Myself Free

Ok, actually I set myself free on November 11, 2016. Only a little over a week ago.

The last couple of years have been a trying time for me. My health, my relationships, my drive and motivation have been challenged. It’s never ending…it seems. I know I keep speaking of this but writing is therapeutic and I want to share my struggles should it help someone else.

But each “challenge” is an opportunity to grow and learn, and boy, am I learning. Growing pains such as it is.

I recently hurt someone close to me. Of course it wasn’t intentional. It never is, is it? I didn’t think what I had said and did through and when I done….after the fact, I was sick. Why did I do it? I know better. Oh my goodness, I am the worst person on the planet. Why am I even alive? I don’t deserve to live and many other horrible thoughts went through my mind. I flogged and beat myself up for weeks wishing I was a better person, vowing I would be a better person to the point if I had to suffer in order to help others that would be what I deserved. I deserved to be punished (as I wrote this a saying went through my mind…”we don’t need to catch ourselves on fire to keep another person warm.”) Read More

Hurt People, Hurt People

I’ve been blaming myself this whole time. I believed, I whole heartedly believed, I’m this horrible person.

You have hurt me over the years only because I allowed you to. I believed everything you told me I was. I gave you my power. Today, I’m taking my power back. I see you now with such clarity. Hurt people, hurt people.

Yes, I am guilty too. I have said and done hurtful things to others. Why did I do it? Why do I continue to do it? Because I hurt. Hurt people, hurt people.

I’m doing the best I can as I believe you are. You were there during good times and bad but I have grown into someone you can no longer tolerate. Hurt people, hurt people. Read More

It’s Time

I’ve been working on this blog for weeks now. The words weren’t flowing. When I write, I want my words to come from a real, authentic place and backed by true emotions. I want to connect with you, I want to inspire you to be your real, authentic self and start living life true to you.

My initial thought for this particular blog was my journey of rebuilding my life over the past two years. Of course, we’re socially “required” and in order to live we need to get back to work, not live “at home” and be responsible adults with a real job, a car payment, etc. In my book, I do talk about who says we have to live this way…but I digress…

I realized though, my journey wasn’t about the physical healing, finding a job, buying a new, more practical car and moving into my own apartment. Yes, all of those things are true and needed to happen however, my journey is way beyond the physical healing and “getting back on my feet.”

The last two years have been more about emotionally healing. Yes, my body most certainly needed to heal but emotionally, I was not in a good place. And I haven’t been for a while. My “stuff” keeps coming up and not stopping like a merry go round. Read More