Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00055]Who ever thought a trip to Alaska would save my life? But it did. I was compelled to set out on a journey not knowing where it would lead.

…and How I Live(d)” has a double meaning: how I have chosen to live my life with a congenital heart disease and how I lived through five open-heart surgeries and congestive heart failure.

I decided to share my story because I feel my life is now worthy of sharing. I have faced the ultimate fear: death. Twice.

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If you are skeptical about miracles, divine intervention or do not believe that everything happens for a reason, I invite you to read my story. Life is much more than what meets the eye.

The story of my spiritual journey, I Didn’t Know I Was Dying…and How I Live(d) is available where ebooks are sold: Barnes & Noble, iBooks and more. My book is also available in print and Kindle formats on Amazon.

I Didn’t Know I Was Dying…and How I Live(d) is the story of my spiritual journey through heartbreak, loving and being loved, physical and emotional pain, joy and happiness. I’m sharing the loss of both my parents, death of a soul mate, a toxic relationship and congestive heart failure in hopes of inspiring others to never wonder “what if” and live life with no regrets.

About the cover: The artwork was designed specifically for me and my book. It is a hand painted water color by Olivia Oldenbuttel. I met and worked with Olivia in Alaska in the summer of 2014. Knowing Olivia is an artist (she would doodle at work and tape her doodles on the computer screen where we worked), I asked Olivia if she would be interested in designing the cover of my book. I gave her zero direction and left the design to her and her imagination since she knew my situation. Though she gave me two designs to choose from, as soon as I saw this design I knew it was it. This was her original concept and the one she liked best as well.

What Olivia says about the piece: The piece is called “A Morning in Denali.” The painting/drawing was attributed from a photo the artist took while living and working in Denali National Park, Alaska. While the sun dominates the sky for the majority of summer’s days, as fall comes, the sky opens itself up to the world with a vivid array of colors. I wanted to capture part of the essence of Alaska by painting one of these great arrays of color.

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Should you be interested in a signed copy, please contact me. Book cost is $15 plus shipping (approximate shipping cost within the United States is $2.30 to $2.75).