Cam Gigandet

In 2010, my new friends Emma, Carlene and I attended Comic-Con in San Diego. 2010 was the last year before Comic-Com exploded and now badges are nearly impossible to obtain.

Mark Wahlberg, my future husband (sorry Rhea) was going to be in attendance at the panel for The Other Guys along with Will Ferrel and Eva Mendes.

If you’ve never been to Comic-Con, it’s a star-studded event. I met one of my favorite actresses, Julie Benz, attended Showtime’s Dexter panel (swoon Michael C. Hall) and had my fair share of celebrity sightings.

One panel I attended was for the upcoming movie Priest, with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and Twilight’s Cam Gigandet. When the panel started, I was enamored with how sexy one of the panelists was. Those around me were whispering, “Who is that?” Finally someone said, “That is James, the bad vampire from Twilight.” Holy crap he is hot.

Fast forward to the end of the day. My friend Carlene, who by the way is a huge Twilight and Robert Pattinson fan, her husband, her son and I are in the lobby of the convention center waiting for our ride.

Carlene is looking down the hall and says, “Is that James from Twilight?”

I said, “No, I saw him earlier today on the Priest panel and he was wearing a different shirt.”

Comic-Con had ended for the day so when he turned the corner I was curious as to where he went. I walked over and saw that there was a men’s restroom.

I said, “He went into the bathroom.”

Carlene turned to her husband and said, “Go in there and see if it’s him.”

Adrian, the good husband he is, sluggishly goes to the men’s restroom. As we stood there, I realized and said, “Adrian is going to come out here with him.”

“No he won’t,” said Carlene.

Two seconds later, Adrian is walking back from the restroom with Cam Gigandet in tow.

Holy sh!t!

We apologized profusely to Cam and he said, “Well at least I was finished.”

He was such a sport. After pleasantries and photos he was on his way.

Once he was gone, Carlene turned to her husband and said, “What did you say to him?” Adrian said, “I walked in and asked him if he was that vampire guy. He said, um yeah. And I said, there are two girls out there that want to meet you.”

Just two girls, huh? We could have killed him. But hey, we met and got to touch Cam Gigandet and have the photos to prove it.

If you ever see Cam in an interview and he discusses his weirdest fan stories and mentions this, yeah, that was my friend Carlene and I. Hi Cam!

What’s your crazy celebrity encounter?

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