Fun Stories Series (1)

….I walked up to John Stamos’ house, knocked on the door and asked if he was home.

It was the early 80’s, I was around eleven or twelve years old and he played “Blackie” on General Hospital. Like every young adult at that time, I was in love with Blackie. My sister, being ten years older, never really watched the show. One day, we happened to watch the show together and she said, “Wait, I went to high school with that guy.”

Photos of my sister's yearbook.

Photos of my sister’s yearbook.

Sure enough, he was in her high school yearbook from John F. Kennedy High School in La Palma, California (it’s true, even Wikipedia says so). She was a senior when he was a sophomore. John is from Cypress, California and my mom and I lived a stones throw away.

My sister immediately grabbed the telephone book. Yes, the “White Pages” which was the size of a ream of paper. To the millennials, this ream of paper was how we found someone’s address and phone number “back in the day.” It wasn’t all that long ago we “survived” in this archaic fashion.

Low and behold, his parent’s address was right there. We jumped in the car, my friend and I walked up to the house, knocked on the door and one of his sister’s answered.

I politely asked, “Is John home?” She politely said no, he was at work filming General Hospital.

A “stalker” is born. (Just to be clear, not a real stalker. I’ve never been arrested or anything. It’s an affectionate nickname given by my friends because I like to see my favorite celebs in person.)


Feature photo credit: me. Italy 2011. John Stamos is Greek. Italy is close to Greece, right?

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