Most of us have more than a lot of people around the world so let us give to those in need. I’m passionate about the following organizations:

Facing my own mortality brought on an awareness that more outreach and support are needed for millions of adults living with congenital heart disease. Learn more with the Adult Congenital Heart Association. Stay heart healthy with the American Heart Association.

Because of the life saving care I received, I support the Swedish Foundation.

Hands and Feet of Compassion voluntarily travels to cities throughout the United States to assist with community projects and natural disasters. Support is needed for supplies, tools, travel expenses, and more. To make a donation, please visit

I spent 11 years working with our military and I support our troops 100 percent. I continue to do so by supporting the Semper Fi Fund.

The entire world deserves access to clean and drinkable water, charity:water.

*These are NOT paid endorsements. These charities represent my own personal opinions.