Sponsored Giveaways

Since I self-published my book in September 2015, I have received feedback such as, “inspirational”, “a must-read”, and “I could not put it down”. My book is inspiring others and I want to reach more readers to spread the message: never wonder “what if” and live life with #noregrets.

With a background in marketing, social media, and corporate sponsorship, one way to organically reach readers is through giveaways. I am asking individuals and companies with a product to sponsor swag so that I may use the swag as giveaways and put your product in the hand of readers who purchase a copy of my book. In return, I will use my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and my blog to promote your company and the swag you sponsor.

I may not have a large audience, but with your help I hope to change that. The products used for giveaways, would not represent or endorse my book in any way.

As a self-published author, your support would mean you too want to spread the underlying message: life is short, live fearlessly!

Should you be interested in providing swag for giveaways, please contact me through

Thank you in advance for your support.